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Download the map (this is a temporary and low defined version map: we’re preparing a new version with all the trails and paths of the district…):  BORGIO VEREZZI trail map 2017


Departure: Borgio railway station – Arrival: Borgio Verezzi Showcaves – Distance 5.5 km – Rise 280 m

This is a theme trail which runs through different natural habitats of the area. It shows their main characteristics from geological, botanical and human points of view described on 15 descriptive panels. The trail starts at the level crossing by Borgio railway station. It takes Via Nazario Sauro and then Via della Cornice, through a stretch of perfumed Mediterranean flowers and then on to the old Verezzi Stone quarries, which are rich in fossils. As you proceed towards St Martin’s church you cross a typical Mediterranean maquis, in this case a holm-oak grove. Then you skirt the Phoenician windmill, where there is a wonderful view of the coast and then you go down to Crosa. Continue up to Piazza, then to Roccaro and the fork of the road known as “Carrubo del Buongiorno” (Good morning Carob). From here, walking down via Varicella towards Borgio and crossing the Battorezza stream, you will reach the main street and face the former aqueduct public park. Keep walking on the main street, turn on your right and, after crossing Piazza S. Pietro, through Via XX Settembre, you’ll arrive at Borgio Verezzi Showcaves.



Departure and Arrival: Crosa hamlet.  Distance 3km – Rise 170 m

This trail passes through the most interesting cultural sites of our territory. Their main historical and architectural characteristics are described on 12 panels. From Crosa you walk uphill as far as St Martin’s church, then turn towards the sea, along the ridge. This takes you to a cliff facing the sea and from this point there is a wonderful horizon view from Gallinara Island, to the west, to Genoa, in the east, and even further on clear days. Continue to the caves area and towards the hamlets of Verezzi. you arrive at Poggio and then again at the fork of “Carrubo del Buongiorno”, an ancient meeting point for trade between the inhabitants of Borgio and Verezzi. From here the trail is the same as the “Nature Trail” described above, but in the opposite direction up to the departure point in Crosa.



Arma Crosa

Departure and Arrival: Borgio Verezzi Showcaves – Distance: 6 km – Rise: 310 m

This is a theme trail with six descriptive panels which allows you to travel back in time up to 300 million years ago. The trail shows the geological events that shaped Borgio Verezzi’s landscape. The path begins by Borgio Verezzi Showcaves, turns left along the asphalt road, following the ridge that leads to Bastia Tower, the ancient “Via delle Strinate”. Afterwards it turns right along “Via del Ritano”, crossing the Battorezza stream to reach Roccaro. This part of the trail crosses a time span of 300 to 35 million years ago tracing the genesis of the oldest rocks. Then from Roccaro you go up to Crosa, skirting the “Torre dei Sassetti”, where you can admire a 30 million-year-old fossil beach. Near the wash-house you turn left and climb to “Arma Crosa”, reaching the top of the plateau. Along this stretch you can see the typical and amazing Verezzi limestone, called “Pietra di Verezzi”. Proceed north-west along the ancient “Via del Castellaro” and turn back to Verezzi along a dirt road which skirts the Dolmen. After you reach St Martin’s church, go down to the dolina to the ancient quarry on the Orera plateau. From here you go back to the church and down along “Via della Chiappa”, by the “Cava del Colle” up to Poggio. Finally you go down to Borgio on the “Via dei Pasti” to come back to the departure point. This last part of the trail allows you to discover the relationship between the landscape and man. It shows the mysterious works of protohistoric cultures and the activities that helped the first industrial civilisations to flourish.


CARRI MATTI TRAIL (“The Crazy Carts”)   

Departure and Arrival: Cava Pilino (path toward The Old Quarry or “Cava Vecchia”, near the Falesia 100 Corde and the MuMa Restaurant in Verezzi)

Distance 2,5 km – Rise 150 mt

This is a theme trail, connected to the ancient ways traveled by the “carri matti” (meaning: “crazy carts”) which transported from the quarries to the sea  the blocks of the fine Verezzi stone. This path is a ring located in the Verezzi territory, starting from and arriving to the “Plinio” Quarry (also said “du Lago”) near the Old Quarry, intersecting the other paths (Geological, Nature and Culture). Signaled by arrows and signs with white and red colors. Realized by the Finale Ligure section of C.A.I.  


Departure and Arrival: little bridge near the cemetery  (Via Valle – Borgio)
Short version: Distance 5 km – Rise 300 m  –  Duration 1,5 h
Long version: Distance 14 km (through Gorra and Verezzi)
Rise 560 m – Duration 3,5 h

This is a marvellous trail, starting from the little bridge near the Borgio Verezzi cemetery, and climbing up Monte Grosso until you reach Tovo S.Giacomo. The short version is a sort of ring: once you reach the quagliodromo (with a picnic zone usually used by hunters for the dog training), you can turn and go down through the same path. The long version instead goes on until Gorra and the Verezzi Churches of Borgata Crosa, and then comes back to Borgio. The trail is signaled in the first part by some arrows and signs, but the definitive path is still “in progress”. This trail is the protagonist of the “Ramate Walk” wich takes place every hear on May 1.

Realized by GS Ruota Libera in collaboration with the Municipality of Borgio Verezzi.


Antichi percorsi rurali – Ancient Rural Paths

(lettere indicate nella piantina sul retro – letters on the map)

sviluppo (distance) in Km – dislivello (rise) in mt


VIA DU RIÀN (Strada del Ritano)  Km 0,71-  mt 68

 VIA DU CASTELLÊ (Strada del Castellaro)

Km 0,6 –  mt 17

VIA DE SEVURE (Via delle Sevore)  Km 0,6 –  mt 100

  VIA DI PASTI (Strada dei Pasti)  Km 1,3 – mt 150

VIA DI SAN GIUSEPPE   Km 0,2 –  mt 3

VIA DA CIAPPA (Strada della Chiappa)

Km 0,4 – mt 81

VIA DU CANPU (Strada del Campo)  Km 0,5 –  mt 75

VIA DELLA TORRE  Km 0,4 – mt 56

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